Global Seoul ICT Forum 2017

November 8 (Wednesday), 2017
Hoam Faculty House Convention Center, Seoul National University

Hosted by International IT Policy Program(ITPP) in Seoul National University,
International IT Technology Program(ITTP) in KAIST
Sponsored by Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT)
Institute for information and Communication Technology Program(IITP)

International IT Policy Program(ITPP) in SNU and International IT Technology Program(ITTP) in KAIST

9:30 to 10:00


10:00 to 10:20

Opening Ceremony

- Openning Remarks: Prof. Junseok Hwang, Director of International IT Policy Program, SNU
- Welcoming Address: Prof. Kookheon Char, Dean, SNU College of Engineering
- Congratulatory Remarks: Prof. Mun Kee Choi, KAIST honorary professor, Fomer Minister of MSIP
- Congratulatory Remarks: Embassador

10:20 to 10:30

Photo Session

10:30 to 12:00

Keynote Address:

- Prof. Piotr Ostaszewski, Warsaw School of Economics, Collegium of World Economy, East Asian Research Unit, Poland, “Polish-Korean Technological cooperation”
- Mr. Yoon, Jong-lok, President, National IT Industry Promotion Agency(NIPA)), "The Driving Force for the 4th Industrial Revolution"
- Prof. Junseok Hwang, Seoul National University, “Global perspectives of industry 4.0 : Opportunities and Challenges”

12:00 to 13:30


13:30 to 15:00

Session A : Global Cooperation in ICT


Moderator : Prof. Hyenyoung Yoon, Adjunct Professor, Seoul National University

- Ms. Slavina Todorova Vasileva, Department chief, HHIB TC Sales ,“Bulgaria, ICT - path to collaboration between Korean and Bulgaria”
- Dr. Budhi Setyawan, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Sianyu Perkasa, PT. Indonesia, “Indonesia-Korea Business Cooperation Development: Case of Automated Customer Service at Telecommunication Operator”
- Mr. Walelegne Beyene Reda, ICT Head, EiABC, Ethiopia, ”ICT investment Opportunities in Digital Ethiopia “
- Mr. Garcia Hernandez, Dennis Aldemar, Project Manager, Columbia, "Post-conflict in Colombia: challenge or opportunity for ICT cooperation"
- Dr. Victor Manuel Gonzales Holguin, Research Professor, PUCMM, Dominican Republic, "ICT Development in the Dominican Republic: Challenges and Priorities"

Session B: Global Policy and Best Practices in ICT Development


Moderator : Dr. Shisir Prasad Manandhar, Research&Development Manager, RGIT, Australia

- Ms. Sandra Elizabeth Robles Escobar, ITPP, SNU, UNAPCICT Internship activities
- Mr. Irfan Firmansyah & Khan Muhammad Tanzeel Murtaza, ITPP, SNU, KT Internship activities
- Ms. Mlynek Monika Alicja, ITPP, SNU, LGU+ Internship activities
- Ms. Lorena Patricia Farias, ITPP, SNU, Cooperation activities between Korea and Chile
- Ms. Wantana Areeprayolkij, Research Assistant, NECTEC, Thailand, "Driving towards Thailand 4.0 with global collaboration: The Case of Thailand - Korea"

15:00 to 15:30

Coffee Break & Business Meeting (ITSA)

15:30 to 17:30

Session C: Global Perspectives of Industry 4.0


Moderator : Dr. Apollos Patricks Osoba Oghuma, Assistant Chief Engineer, Ministry of Communications

- Mr. Seung-yun Paik : Vice President, Business development, KT Sat
- Mr. Sangbu Kim : Vice President, Corporate Strategy Unit, LG Uplus
- Ms. Mijung Kim, President, Consulting YONG Co., Ltd.
- Mr. Hyunsoo Kim, CEO, MAULRO Inc & KAIU Llc
- Mr. Leland Creswell, CSO, Daliworks
- Dr. Phornphan Tannukit, Director, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, Thailand, “Thailand 4.0 and Digital Transformation in Thailand”
- Dr. Tran Quy Nam, Head, Science, Technology and International Cooperation Department, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Vietnam, “Industry 4.0-A view from Vietnam in research and education”

17:20 to 17:40

Closing Remarks: Prof. Jae-jeung Rho

17:40 to 18:00

Korean Cultural Events

18:00 to 20:00


The 7th International Symposia
Green Smart Development & Vision 2017

November 9 (Thursday), 2017
Seoul National University Faculty Center

Hosted by International IT Policy Program(ITPP) in Seoul National University
Sponsored by Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT)
Institute for information and Communication Technology Program(IITP)
National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)

Nov. 9th(Thur) 2017 : SNU Faculty Club (Bldg,65)

09:00 to 10:00


10:00 to 10:20

Opening Ceremony

Opening Remarks: Junseok Hwang, Professor, Director of ITPP, Seoul National University Congratulatory Remarks:
Congratulatory Remarks: Jeyong Yoon, Professor, Seoul National University, Co-President, Acdemic Society for Appropriate Technology

10:20 to 12:00

Keynote Address

- Jang Gyu Lee, Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University, Former President, Adama Science and Technology Unversity, “Global Partnership in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution: An Ethiopia-Korea Case of Engineering Capacity Building Program”
- Pravit Khaemasunun, Dean, College of Innovation, Thammasat University, “The Disruptive forces of the Global Revolution: The Digital Economy 4.0"

12:00 to 12:10

Group Photo

12:10 to 13:30

Conference Lunch

13:30 to 15:00

Session1A: Research on Intelligent Information Techology SocietyⅠ

- Chair: Prof. Junseok Hwang
Convention Hall (2F)

- Hwa-yeon Kong, SungKyunKwan University (SKKU), “Examining double persona effect: A study of IoT interaction”
- Hana Kim, SNU, “Mobilization platform’s reference price formation considering network externality”
- Arunsak Nitin, CAT, Thiland, “Adoption of E-Government Services: Assessing User Acceptance of E-Tax Filing Service in Thailand”
- Mr.Cornelius Kalenz, ITTP KAIST, "Measuring Customer Loyalty in E.Africa Mobile Banking Market: Commercial Banks Mobile Banking and MNO’s Mobile Banking"

Session1B: Convergence and InnovationⅠ

- Chair: Prof. Hoon Han
Room 4 (1F)

- Keungoui Kim, SNU, “Effect of a Firm’s Technology Convergence Capabilities on its Innovation Activity: An Empirical Analysis of the US Manufacturing Sector”
- Sergio Miguel Borja Barrera, ITPP, SNU(Colombia), “IT governance effectiveness, IT governance relevant knowledge and their influence on product and process innovation”
- Ounjung Roh, SungKyunKwan University (SKKU), “A study on interactive media effects
- Mr.Erdenebold Tumennast, ITTP KAIST(Mongolia), "Proposing A Smart Government EA Framework for Mobile Application Services in Mongolia: Case study based approach"
- Zussida Alfina, SNU(Indonesia), “Microgrid option for Rural Area of Indonesia”

Session1C: Appropriate TechnologyⅠ

- Chair: Prof. Hyenyoung Yoon
Room 9 (1F)

- Hyunha Shin, SNU, “The role of community participation for sustainable appropriate technology”
- Junmin Lee, SNU, “A Study on the Acceptance Factors of Appropriate Technology: Focused on Corporate Social Responsibility in Bin Din, Vietnam“
- Younghwan Moon, SNU, “Promoted factor analysis of appropriate technology project using crowdfunding platform”
- Dr. Tri Rachmanto, Training and certification of Renewable Energy Centre Mataram University, Indonesia, “Practices for Appropriate Technology in Indonesia”

15:10 to 15:30

Coffee Break

15:20 to 17:10

Session2A: Research on Intelligent Information Techology SocietyⅡ

- Chair: Dr. Jongeun Oh
Convention Hall (2F)

- Taehyun Ha, SKKU, “A study of a major opinion formation process in online environments”
- Simeon Ventsislavov, ITPP, SNU(Bulgaria), “Success factors of technology use: An empirical study of implementation in organized education”
- Chemutai Joyce, ITPP, SNU(Kenya), “Determinant factors to consider in adopting mGovernment : Case of Kenya”
- Hyungjin KIm, SNU, “Shared Experience of Social TV and Its Effects on the Intention to Use”

Session2B: Convergence and Innovation Ⅱ

- Chair: Dr. Soyoung Kim
Room 4 (1F)

- Yeon Je Woo, SKKU, “The relationship between word of mouth effect and actual buy in SNS shopping: Focusing on collectivism and individualism”
- Andres David Navas Perrone, ITPP, SNU(Ecuador), “Organizational innovation as a source of dynamics capabilities: exploring determinants and impact on firm performance.”
- No Young Heo, SKKU, “A Study on the Relationship Between Products in Online World and Consumption Behavior in Real World
- Namjun Cha, SNU, “Emerging groupthink in hyperconnected organization and A.I. supporting envrionment”

Session2C: Appropriate Technology Ⅱ

- Chair: Dr. Hongbum Kim
Room 4 (1F)

- Chaeeun Shim, IGSR, SNU, “Procedure for Implementing Water Supply System: Case of Rainwater and Groundwater Utilization”
- Sohee Shim, IGSR, SNU, “Research on local participation and education for appropriate technology for efficient management”
- Chanjun Park, IGSR, SNU, “A Study on Cooperation Model for Promoting Overseas Volunteering Program Based on Appropriate Technology Orienting University Students Participation
- Hyerin Park, IGSR, SNU, “Research on Appropriate Technology Project Design in User Need and Cultural Context: Based on Vietnam case”

17:20 to 17:30

Closing Remarks

World Innovation Network of IT 2017

November 10 (Friday) to November 12(Sunday) 2017
Jeju Island, Korea
Hosted By International IT Policy Program(ITPP) in Seoul National University

09:00 to 12:00

Friday, November 10
From Seoul to Jeju Island
Saturday, November 11

Session 2(Cooperation with Vietnam)

Part1: Perspectives from Vietnam

- “Current Status and Perspectives of Information Technology Development in VietNam” Vietnamese Delegate from MIC of Vietnam

- “Vietnam Telecom Market” Vietnamese Delegate from MIC of Vietnam

Part2: ITPP Collaboration Activities in Vietnam.

- “Collaboration on PKI Trending Research Development.” SNU&MIC - Vietnamese Delegate from MIC of Vietnam

14:00 to 17:00

Session 1(Cooperation with Thailand)

Part1: Perspectives from Thailand

- “Thailand Cyber Security Policy”, Professor Jirapon Sunkpho, College of Innovation, Thammasart University

- “ASEAN Digital Hub: IT Infrastructure for Thailand 4.0”, Mr.Arunsak Nit-In, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited.

- “Capacity Building in Industry 4.0”, Dr.Juthasit Rohitratana Ministry of Digital Economy and Society

Part2: ITPP Collaboration Activities in Thailand.

- Collaboration on Capacity Building and Research Development.

ONDE&SNU - Doctoral Dual Degree Program.

- CITU&SNU, Ms.Siriwan Chaichana Ministry of Digital Economy and Society

Field Trip in Jeju Island

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