Global Seoul ICT Forum 2018

November 8 (Thursday), 2018
SNU Faculty Club (Building 65)

Hosted by International IT Policy Program(ITPP) in Seoul National University,
International IT Technology Program(ITTP) in KAIST
Sponsored by Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT)
Institute for information and Communication Technology Program(IITP)

Nov. 8th(Thur) 2018 : SNU Faculty Club (Bldg,65)

9:30 to 10:00


Lobby (2F)

10:00 to 10:20

Opening Ceremony

Convention Hall (2F)

Openning Remarks:
- Prof. Junseok Hwang, Director of International IT Policy Program, SNU
Congratulatory Remarks:
- Prof. Dae-Hee Kim, President of Korea Information Society Development Institute(KISDI), Korea
- Prof. Mun Kee Choi, KAIST honorary Professor, President of KAIST Global Commercialization Center(GCC), Former Minister of Science and  ICT, Korea
- Ambassador to Korea

10:20 to 10:30

Photo Session

10:30 to 12:00

Keynote Address:

- Prof. Kamen Boyanov Spassov, Professor of Sofia University, Bulgaria, "Enriching Sustainability through Technology Innovation & Policy" 
- Mr. Rene Rojas, Founder of HubBOG Accelerator, Angel Investment Club and Investment Fund, Colombia
- Mr. Myung-Joon Kim, President & CEO of Software Policy and Research Institute, Korea,"Software Technology Development in the republic of Korea during last 30 years"

12:00 to 13:20


Convention Hall (2F)

13:20 to 15:10

Session A:
Global Cooperation in ICT

Room 9 (1F)

Chair : Hyenyoung Yoon, Adjunct Professor, Seoul National University

1. Dr. Abdissa Yilma Tiky, Vice President, Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute, Ethiopia

- “Ethio-Korea Collaboration: Challenges and Opportunities”

2. Dr.Ashraf Bany Mohammed, Assistant Professor, The University of Jordan

- "Empowering Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Collaboration: The South Korean Model"

3. Mr. Jadambaa Tsagaan-uvgun, Vice President, Democratic Youth Union of Mongolia

- “Outcome and future of IT industry cooperation between Mongolia and South Korea”

4. Dr. Pornprom Ateetanan, Deputy Division Director of National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand

- "Collaboration as a journey: From inspiration to action"

5. Ms. Meshingo Jack Sechele, Analyst Policy & Internet Services of Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority(BOCRA), Botswana

- "Global Collaboration & Partnerships for ICT Development: Opportunities and Challenges"

6. Mr. Sunil Paudel, Executive Director of National Information Technology Center, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Nepal

- "Partnership in Data Centers Management : Experience of Nepal"

Session B: Global Policy and Best Practices in ICT Development

Room 4 (1F)

Chair : Phornphan Tannukit, Director, MDES, Thailand

1. Ms. Yuri Olivia Yumal

- "Indonesia making 4.0 for a better economic life"

2. Mr. Abdullahi Garba Ali

- "A Perspective of Nigeria's ICT Status"

3. Mr. Karimjon Mullaboev

- "Uzbekistan ICT Industry and Policy"

4. Mr. Ganbaatar Fyeodor, ITTP, KAIST (Mongolia)

- "Adoption of Intelligent Monitoring and Control System(IMCS) for the last mile of postal infrastructure in Mongolia"

5.Mr. Ronny Estrella,  ITTP, KAIST (Ecuador)

- "Smart Waste Solution using IOT sensors and an Artificial Intelligence Technology with a Robotic actuator to optimize the recycling process in the recycling plant of Quito city in Ecuador"

6. Mr. Zian Shah Kabir,  ITTP, KAIST (Bangladesh)

- "Building an Integrated Quality of Service (QoS) Monitoring System for Mobile Networks in Bangladesh"

15:10 to 15:30

Coffee Break

Lobby (2F)

15:30 to 17:20

Session C: Global Perspectives of Industry 4.0

Convention Hall (2F)

Moderator :Mr. Mekuria Telemariam, Ph.D Candidate of KAIST ITTP, Ethiopia)

1. Dr. Sang-bum Suh, CEO, Perseus Co., Ltd

- “Hypervisor software technology to innovate future automotive systems”

2. Dr. Sangwon Ko, Executive Director, KISDI

- “ICT policy consultation project of KISDI: Lessons learned and future issues”

3. Mr. Cho, Sung Won, Group Leader, POSCO ICT

- "Industry 4.0 : Present and Future"

4.Mr. Cho Dae Yeon, Chief, Director, KAIA(Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement)

- "Smart City Activities in Korea"

5.Mr. Kwon Jong Man, CEO, IDO Link

- "Application of LPWA(Low Power Wide Area) and RTLS(Real Time Location System)"

17:20 to 17:40

Closing Remarks

Convention Hall (2F)

- Prof. Jae Jeung Rho, Director of KAIST Global IT Technology Program(ITTP), Korea

17:40 to 18:00

Korean Cultural Events

18:00 to 20:00


The 8th International Symposia
Green Smart Development & Vision 2018

November 9 (Friday), 2018
SNU Faculty Club (Building 65)

Hosted by International IT Policy Program(ITPP) in Seoul National University
Sponsored by Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT)
Institute for information and Communication Technology Program(IITP)
National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)

Nov. 9th(Fri) 2018 : SNU Faculty Club (Bldg,65)

09:00 to 10:00


Lobby (2F)

10:00 to 10:20

Opening Ceremony

Convention Hall (2F)

Opening Remarks: Junseok Hwang, Professor, Director of ITPP, Seoul National University Congratulatory Remarks:
Congratulatory Remarks: Ambassador Oscar Gustavo Herrera Gilbert, Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador to the Republic of Korea

10:20 to 10:30

Group Photo

10:30 to 12:00


Convention Hall (2F)
- Chair: Prof. Daeho Lee, Sungkyunkwan Univ.

1. Shwhan Taher, Iraq KRG (Pusan National University)

- “Impact anaysis on Improving Roads Safetu Using V2V Technology in Urban Neworks”

2. Muhammad Shakil, Pakistan (ITTP, KAIST)

- “Analysis on factors affecting out-licensing strategies of biotech firms; focused on the drug development stages”

3. Simeon Ventsislavov, Professor, Bulgaria (Sofia University)

- “Artificial neural network as application for estimating energy dependency trend”

4. Sangman Lee, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “A Research on the effect of ICT Capability on the Society’s Welfare: Multidimensional Deprivation Analysis including Technology as Attributes”

5. Youngsam Chun, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “Heterophily effects on Industrial Innovation Leadership changes in Autonomous Vehicle industry”

6. Tanzeel Murtaza, Pakistan (ITPP, SNU)

- “Critical determinants of Human capital for smart city implementation success. An AHP approach.”

Session 2A: Consumer AND VALUE CREATION

Room 4 (1F)
- Chair: Prof. Sohwa Park, Pusan National Univ.

1. Francis Ebire, Nigeria (Pusan National University)

- “Teachers' Perceptions on the Use of ICT as an Instructional Tool in Science and Mathematics in Nigeria Secondary Education”

2. Junmin Lee, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “Car-hailing services in China and South Korea mobility environment: Simulation analysis of socio-technical system transition”

3. Hosoo Cho, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “Escape from the Echo Chamber: Simulation on Intellectual Isolation by Recommendation System”

4. Erdenebold Tumennast, Mongolia (ITTP, KAIST)

- “Blockchain Use Case for the Public Sector”

5. Sunho Yoon, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “Analysis of intention to use 3d printer for end-user”

6. Khin Maung Zaw, Myanmar (IEPP, SNU)

- “Multi-Criteria Analysis of Electricity Generation Technologies in Myanmar”

Session 3: Policy and Regulation

Room 9 (1F)
- Chair: Prof. Kamen Boyanov Spassov, Sofia Univ., Bulgaria

1. Meron Kifelew , Ethiopia (Pusan National University)

- “Recommendation for Big data management policy in ministry of science and Technology Ethiopia”

2. Joel Managa, DR Congo (Pusan National University)

- “Principles for designing the National School of ICT POLICY in DR. Congo, targeting policy makers”

3. Younghwan Moon, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “Privacy decision making process analysis with Dual calculus model”

4. Kim Alexander, Kazakhstan (IEPP, SNU)

- “Using AHP for decision making in the case of nuclear power plant’s development”

5. MD Sohel Rana, Bangladesh (Ministry of ICT)

- “Impact of incremental spectrum on spectrum price”

6. Masuda Isaeva, Uzbekistan (ITPP, SNU)

- “Exploring the predictors of software piracy: evidence from the countries of Fomer Soviet Union”

12:00 to 13:10


Convention Hall (2F)

13:10 to 15:10

Keynote Address

Convention Hall (2F)

- Prof. Sung-Hoon Ahn
- Prof.Krzysztof Kozłowski, Vice Rector, University WSE, Poland, “Enriching Sustainability through Technology Innovation and Policy: Bridging the Generation-Gap”

15:10 to 15:30

Coffee Break

15:30 to 17:20


Convention Hall (2F)
- Chair: Prof. KyungJin Boo, Seoul National Univ.

1. Keungoui Kim, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “Which diversification index should be selected for the diversification studies?: Empirical case of technology diversification using patent data”

2. Namjun Cha, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “From Groupthink to The Collective Intelligence”

3. Andres david Navas Perrone, Ecuador

- “Fuzzy QCA analysis of the network readines index: ICT policies best practices”

4. Zussida Alfina, Indonesia (IEPP, SNU)

- “Analysis on Suitable Renewable Energy Source and Technology for Rural Electrification in Indonesia”

5. Jisoo Lee, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “A Study on Identifying the Factors in Adoption of Digital Education Focused on the Technology Acceptance and Innovation Resistance of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)”

6. Thanh Van Nguyen, Vietnam (ITPP, SNU)

- “Factors influence on Interoperability Participation between Local and State agencies in Vietnam”

7. Lorena Farias, Chile

- “A knowledge management model for the generation of democratic innovations in LACs”


Room 4 (1F)
- Chair: Prof. Hyenyoung Yoon, Seoul National Univ.

1. TSEND-AYUSH, Mongolia (Pusan National University)

- “Major principles of ICT policy for improving ICT Integration in Education for Students with disabilities in Mongolia”

2. Jemimah Offin Boatemaah, Ghana (Pusan National University)

- “Identity management and its impact on the e-Government implementation in Ghana”

3. Seongeun Lee, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “The impact of online trust on platform and content producer: An analysis of online news consumption in Korean Internet portal and SNS”

4. Heng Borineth, Cambodia (IEPP,SNU)

- “Cost-benefit for biomass co-firing in electricity generation: the case of Cambodia"”

5. Insoo Lee, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “Determinants Affecting the Outbound Innovation Strategies in Pharmaceutical Industry”

6. Zahid Rashid, Pakistan (ITPP)

- “Analysis of values of stakeholders in cybersecurity information sharing ecosystems: A system dynamics base approach”

7. Yue Lang, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “Analysis of factors affecting third-party mobile payment user satisfaction -Focus on off-line qr code payment”


Room 9 (1F)
- Chair: Prof. Hoon Han, Seoul National Univ.

1. Emmanuel Skempy, Uganda (Pusan National University)

- “Secondary school teachers' and students' perceptions of integrating mobile devices into Science and Mathematics Instruction in Uganda”

2. Harrison Muturi Ngugi, Kenya (IEPP, SNU)

- “From Universal Access to Transformational Access: Decision Analysis of Policy Factors for Expanding Electricity Access to the Last Mile”

3. Jonglip Kim, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “Governance research for using sustainable appropriate technology resources”

4. Hyunha Shin, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “Appropriate Technology for Grassroots Innovation in Developing Countries for Sustainable Development: The case of Laos”

5. Sullam Jeoung, TEMEP/I-STICK (SNU)

- “A study on developing ICT application for securing the sustainability of appropriate technology: Case of water purification systems in Binh Dinh, Vietnam”

6. Hyeonji Kim, SNU IGSR

- “A framework on knowledge management for sustainability of short-term appropriate technology activities:focused on SECI model”

7. Seulgi Kim, SNU IGSR

- “Applying the theory of affordance to the design of water purification facilities: Focusing on the case of Binh Dinh in Vietnam”

17:20 to 17:30

Closing Remarks

Convention Hall (2F)

World Innovation Network of IT 2018

November 10 (Saturday) to November 11(Sunday) 2018
Songdo-City, Korea

Hosted By International IT Policy Program(ITPP) in Seoul National University

Nov. 10th(Sat)

10:00 to 12:00

From Seoul to Songdo-city

12:00 to 14:00


14:00 to 15:30

Session I: Cooperation with Thailand

The implementation plan for open the Digital Economy and 4th Industrial Revolution Innovation course in Digital Academy

Dr.Kasititorn Pooparadai, Senior Executive Vice President, Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Dr. Phornphan and Ms.Siriwan (Ministry of Digital Economy and Society)

15:30 to 16:00

Coffee Break & Networking

16:00 to 17:30

Session II: Cooperation with Ecuador

Experiences and Cooperation between Ecuador and Korea

Dr. Andres David Navas Perrone, Ms. Sandra Elizabeth Robles and Mr. Jorge Nájera Gómez

Nov. 11th(Sun)

10:00 to 14:00

Field Trip

14:00 ~

From Songdo-city to Seoul

joining organization